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Mission & Vision

Estrella Educational Foundation is committed to the mission of improving student achievement by providing option and resources to parents who would like to send their children to a school with an advanced curriculum for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Estrella Educational Foundation Inc. has two main strategic units.  These are:  Education Charter Schools for Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Educational Services for Underserved/Economically Disadvantaged Student Populations.

Featured Industry Partners

We are thankful to many organizations that have developed a joint mission to provide students with a high caliber world class STEM education. Read more about these organizations here.

STEM Programs

The goal of the Estrella Educational Foundation is to help all students reach their learning potential. Teachers and leaders will focus on creating curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are rigorous, integrated, and aligned to Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards and International Standards. Learn more here.

EEF STEM School Sites

We are proud to announce the final rendering stages of MIT.  These pictures will provide an insight into the focus of MIT. MIT is designed to be one of the most advanced STEM schools in the state. Our first class will commence July 2016 with an 8th grade cohort (from the current 7th grade KRPA students). Riverside School District is currently working diligently to provide our students with an opportunity for a seamless K-12 grade STEM curriculum. Read more about this exciting endeavor here.

Million STEM jobs are available which makes up 20% of all U.S. jobs.
of the top 10 majors associated with the highest median earnings per year are in engineering
percent of STEM jobs require a post secondary degree.
percent of jobs within the next decade will require technology skills.

Meet the Team

Anthony Calderon
Anthony Calderon
Mr. Calderon is the President of Estrella Educational Foundation. His duties include managing the day-to-day business, attending meetings of the...
Anthony Arano
Anthony Arano
Mr. Arano is the Secretary of Estrella Educational Foundation. His duties include managing the record keeping of Estrella Educational Foundation...
David Burrows
David Burrows
Mr. Burrows’ duties for Estrella Educational Foundation include attending meetings of the Board of Directors and voting on board decisions.